Philips Daylight Alarm Clock Hf3470 Wake Up Light White

Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light Alarm Clock White
Philips Daylight Alarm Clock

Philips Daylight Alarm Clock

Philips Wake Up Light Hf3470 White feature

Philips Daylight Alarm Clock

Philips Daylight Alarm Clock offers the Philips Light Alarm Clock Hf3470 Wake Up Light wakes you up in a natural way with light that increases gradually.

from now on, waking up will be a difference in the mornings with the positive wake up experience.

Philips light clock makes use of a halogen lamp to gently wake you up by Philips Daylight Alarm Clock.

Verilux Happy Light Review Happylight 2500 White

Verilux Happylight 2500 Lamp White
Verilux Happy Light Review

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Verilux Happy Light Review
Verilux Happy Light Review

Verilux Happy Light Review the Verilux Energy Lamp provide the natural spectrum daylight  is soothing and pleasant to improves mood and energy of time during the day with also helps focus concentration, productivity, body recalibrate and gently helps stabilize too.

Verilux Lamp Happylight 2500 White.

This is an easy way to combats the effects of seasonal change, Winter blues, shift work, malaise, jet lag and fatigue.
Dimension : 9″H x 4.75″W x 2.75″D

Verilux Happy Light Review.

Compact space pleasing design and fits easily in a small space for use at home or work site and as a bedside lamp is wonderful.
Provides up to 2500 Lux of natural spectrum daylight of illumination from a 26 watt bulb GU24 CFL bulb to produce 150 watts of energy efficient lighting system.

Soothing and invigorating daylight without glaringly bright.
Pleasant ideal for quick session and all day use with brightness adjustment.

Verilux Lamp Happylight Energy Lamp White feature

Verilux Happy Light Review

Philips Golight Hf3321 Golite Blue Energy Light, White

Philips goLITE BLUE Hf3321 White

Philips Golight


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Philips Hf3321 goLITE BLUE, White

The Hf3321 Philips go Light Blue Product Description for helps to alleviate the symptoms of the Winter Blues and increases alertness.
The Philips go LITE Blue Hf3321 is clinically proven to naturally boost your mood and  energy level and combats the winter blues in as little as 15 minutes per day.

In countries with long winters with the arrival of the cold season, many people experience lack of energy, low spirits due to lack of sunlight and depression of unknown origin, these symptoms are referred to as the winter blues during the cold seasons. Also, even during spring and summer.

Philips energylight is a simple and effectively way to alleviate these symptoms for restore your summer mood and increase energy level.

Uses Specific Blue Light mimic a Clear Sunny Sky, energy light produces a particular kind of blue light which occurs naturally on very sunny or clear days.

Special receptors in the eyes absorb the blue light that makes you feel more energetic whenever you need it.

Helps to increase energy levels: Sometimes you experience low moments or dips during the day from your busy lifestyles demand a lot from you.

Help you to increase your mood, energy level and alertness in a natural way by using the energy light lamp at any time of the day during work and private time.

With featuring breakthrough Bluewave technology present Philips Golight is a nice small package and portable compact design that allows you to get the blue light you need at home or office.

Regular use every morning will help to alleviate the symptoms of the winter blues during winter months.

Using the Philips Golight energy light for at least 15 minutes naturally improves your mood and energy level whenever you need it.

Easy to Use: Place Philips Golight to do other activities by no need to look directly into the light during treatment duration.

Using it for longer is absolutely safe with 100% UV free blue light without the UV rays associated with sunlight.

Choose the right brightness system out of the three levels and set the automatically timer according to your needs to 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes by using the dimmer by Philips Hf3321 Golite Blue.