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Sunlight Jr. Portable Lamp Therapeutic Light Box

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Sunlight Therapy Jr. Portable Therapeutic Light Box

Best Light Boxes of the Sunlight Jr. Sunlamps for Depression Portable Therapeutic Light Box Product Description for you hate and dread the short, dark days of winter season, if winter season’s annual gloom saps you of your usual vitality and if you feel loss of light, may be our sunlight lamp can probably help.

Sunlight therapy lamp is first natural cue for wakefulness and sleep pattern.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle don’t always allow us to do  activities in perfect harmony with the rising and setting of the sunset.

Most of us spend almost all of time indoors.

The lack of sunlight can occur at any time of year, but it is most simple during the winter that you may have the winter blues due to lack of sunlight.

Our careers and other responsibilities often makes us to wake before sunrise, stay awake long until night has fallen, and also spend much of the intervening time in a constant state of storm and stress.

Many people go to work in darkness and also return home in darkness too, rarely ever being exposed to natural daylight with fewer hours of daylight.

When we do get to relax often in the evenings delight or just on weekends.

The result of all of this modern lifestyle is that we spend very little of our time outside for enjoying fresh air and sunny weather.

Using Sunlight Jr. Portable Light Therapy Box Best Light Boxes for help you feel more better.

Daylight Lamps Sad Daylight Sky White Light Therapy Box

Daylight Sky White Light Therapy
Daylight Lamps Sad

Daylight Desk Lamp Sky Light Therapy

Daylight Lamps Sad

The Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy 10000 LUX Lamp serves as both a therapy and task lighting.

Daylight Sky Light Box 10000 LUX Light Therapy feature

Daylight Lamps Sad

Recommended bright light therapy as a first way treatment for the winter blues as dreary and depressing, can also help improve sleeping problems, jet lag and shift work adjustment with regular use as little as 20-30 minute a daily treatment.

Features BrightZone Technology for maximum 10,000 LUX light output within a broad field of illumination and balanced White Light for eye safety.

Contemporary designed to provide timed, intense doses of white light therapy to treat specific conditions.

Multi-purpose lighting with adjustable height for therapeutic use or everyday task lighting such as a normal desk lamp.

No-Glare diffuser filters 99.3% of UV

Meets the leading experts set stringent bright light therapy guidelines.

The Day-Light Sky Lamp is contemporary and more discreet for use at home or office; measures 13.75 inches in length by 10.5″ wide.

Daylight Light Bulbs Day-Light Bright Light Box Therapy

Day-Light Bright Light Therapy Daylight Lamps for Depression


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Daylight Light Bulbs


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Daylight Light Bulbs

The Day-Light Bright Light Therapy Lightbox for Sad Product Description of The Day-Light is a specially designed bright light therapy at home lamp recommended by doctors as first way to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or to beat the “winter blues” and other non-seasonal mood disorders.

Used in clinical research for over 10 years, the Daylight Lamps Sad conforms to all standards set by light therapy experts.

Daylight Lamp Sad provides the recommended 10,000 lux light dosage that the light source is delivered at an angle that mimics sun light and also 100% UV-filtered for safety too.

Just 20-30 minutes each morning is all it takes to significantly improve levels of energy and sleep patterns for those who respond to light therapy.

Easy to use at home or office, the light lamp come with adjustable legs can be used alone or with the built-in and tilt-back stand also fits conveniently into standard carry-on luggage.

Three-compact fluorescent light tubes (4,000 Kelvin) deliver 10,000 lux light at 12 inches for light therapy usage.

Two-way switch allows alternative 2-bulb, with 7,000 lux setting.

Daylight Light Bulbs Dimension is 9″ x 15″ .