DL930 Uplift Day-Light 10000 LUX Lamp for Sad

Uplift Daylight Sad Light Therapy 10000 Lux Lamp DL930


The DL930 Uplift Daylight Desk Lamp 10000 Lux Lamp

Dl 930


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Dl 930

The Uplift Technologies DL930 Day-Light Sad Light Therapy 10000 Lux Lamp Product Description for more powerful than most smaller lights on the market  with the Daylight Lamps Sad provides 10000 lux bright light intensity level at the optimum height and angle.

The Daylight Lamp Sad is a specially designed 10000 lux bright light therapy system used by many people to help cures for seasonal depression mood swings and regulate body rhythms.

Users simply sit 12quot; from the light intensity about 20-30 minute intervals daily to get the recommended light therapy dosage.

Daylight Light Box can help to ease winter depression, seasonal mood swings and help improve sleeping patterns, can makes an exceptional task light or reading lamp to provides pleasant ambient lighting for user.

Who Can Benefit: Almost 4 million North Americans who suffer from SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder and over 36 million North Americans who seasonally feel light with deprived loose their energy and experience the winter blues depression, shift workers, those who work in dark work places or office sites, long distance flyers with disturbed sleep patterns without windows and people who need powerful work lamps.

Uplift Daylight Lamps for Depression 10000 Lux Lamp Light Boxes DL930 feature

Use Sad Light Therapy Lamp with the adjustable legs and the high intensity of three light setting for perfect use in light therapy sessions.

Exceptional work light therapy system provides a 10000 lux light level as opposed to 250-500 lux from regular task lighting.

Modern design and portable unit to fit into carry on luggage to travel wherever you need to take it.

Specifications size 12.5″ x 16″ x 3 Height on Stand 28″ (71.1 cm) Weight of Light 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg) and Weight of Stand 2 lbs (0.9 kg)

Five-year limited warranty by Uplift Technologies Sad Light Daylight 10000 Lux Lamp DL930.

How To Beat Winter Depression By Carex Health Daylight 10000 LUX DL930 (Seasonal Affective Disorder)Sad Lamp Uplift Technologies

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How To Beat Winter Depression

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The Daylight 10,000 LUX SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Carex Health Lamp (DL930) Uplift Technologies Brand new. How To Beat Winter Depression by DL930 Uplift Technologies

How To Beat Winter Depression: Light therapy boxes simulate the bright light as a sunny day and all light therapy boxes are not created equal so keep in mind the following before buying.

Carex Health Day-Light Classic 10,000 LUX SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Lamp (DL930) Uplift Technologies daylight lamps sad feature

How To Beat Winter Depression.