Light Box Treatment for Sad Daylight Lamp DL2000 Uplift Light Therapy

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Light Box Treatment

The Day Light Lamp SAD Model DL2000 Uplift Sad Dayligh  For Seasonal Affected Disorder (S.A.D).


Daylight Desk Lamp Features:

The Daylight Light Box is designed to provide optimal bright light therapy treatment for the user.

Two Light Settings
The two-light setting provides 10,000 LUX of light, but the one-light setting provides convenient task light.

BrightZone Technology
Engineered and tested show to provide the field of illumination 10,000 LUX which experts recommend for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Compact Light Enclosure
The Uplift Daylight Sky SAD Lamp DL2000 enclosure is 33% smaller than the Daylight Classic lamp while mainlining the same field of illumination that adding versatility for the user.

Contemporary, Discreet & Multipurpose
The light box is designed for discreet use at home or the office site, this is everyday task lighting in one attractive package to providing bright light therapy for user.

Height Adjustable Arm
The height adjustable arm allows you adjust the light to be positioned at the appropriate height and right angle for the user.

Light therapy experts recommended this is the optimal light positioning.

The white diffusing lens distributes the light and evenly eliminates glare.

Minimize potentially harmful blue rays with two 55-watt light tubes emit a warm light.

UV Filtered and Safe
Hi-impact polycarbonate lens of filters 99.3% of harmful UV rays for safety.

Manufactured with high efficiency and electronic ballasts for the Light Lamp eliminates the annoying flicker experienced and ordinary fluorescent fixtures by Uplift DL2000 Daylight Sky Lamp SAD Uplift Carex Light Box Treatment

Light Box Treatment

Daylight Lamps Sad Daylight Sky White Light Therapy Box

Daylight Sky White Light Therapy
Daylight Lamps Sad

Daylight Desk Lamp Sky Light Therapy

Daylight Lamps Sad

The Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy 10000 LUX Lamp serves as both a therapy and task lighting.

Daylight Sky Light Box 10000 LUX Light Therapy feature

Daylight Lamps Sad

Recommended bright light therapy as a first way treatment for the winter blues as dreary and depressing, can also help improve sleeping problems, jet lag and shift work adjustment with regular use as little as 20-30 minute a daily treatment.

Features BrightZone Technology for maximum 10,000 LUX light output within a broad field of illumination and balanced White Light for eye safety.

Contemporary designed to provide timed, intense doses of white light therapy to treat specific conditions.

Multi-purpose lighting with adjustable height for therapeutic use or everyday task lighting such as a normal desk lamp.

No-Glare diffuser filters 99.3% of UV

Meets the leading experts set stringent bright light therapy guidelines.

The Day-Light Sky Lamp is contemporary and more discreet for use at home or office; measures 13.75 inches in length by 10.5″ wide.

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How To Beat Winter Depression

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The Daylight 10,000 LUX SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Carex Health Lamp (DL930) Uplift Technologies Brand new. How To Beat Winter Depression by DL930 Uplift Technologies

How To Beat Winter Depression: Light therapy boxes simulate the bright light as a sunny day and all light therapy boxes are not created equal so keep in mind the following before buying.

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How To Beat Winter Depression.