Philips Wake Up Lights Dawn Simulator Hf3520 Color Therapy Lights Natural Light Alarm Clock

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light Review Colored Sunrise Simulation White
Philips Wake Up Lights Dawn Simulator

Philips Wake Up Lights Dawn Simulator
Philips Wake Up Lights Dawn Simulator

The Philips Wake Up Light HF3520 Review Colored Sunrise Simulation Lamp  product of Philips Wake Up Lights Dawn Simulator provides an energy in the mornings! Pleasant start for your day.

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Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

The Wake Up Lamp Philips provides an energy in the mornings! that pleasant start for your day.

Wake-Up Light colored sunrise image.

Clinical and experts research has shown that the Wake Up Light Lamp leaves users with an improved overall mood and level of energy throughout the day.


The Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock Light HF3520 Colored Sunrise Simulation White
Colored Light Therapy Sunrise Simulation for Wake Up Naturally.

  • The Philips Light Alarm Clock provides a pleasant, naturally waking up to sunshine so start your morning.

Backed by independent clinical research so the UV-free Wake Up Light therapy is proven to wake you up actually with an improved mood and energy level.

Useful featuring a colored sunrise simulation come with 20 brightness settings and then the light slowly brighten between 20 to 40 minutes before to your alarm time that as very similar to slowly waking you up when the sun rising in the summer.

The light up alarm clock also offers the option of pleasant waking up to one of five different nature alarm sounds.

  • Bedside Lamp With The Lowest Brightness Setting as Dimming Light at Night

With 20 brightness settings, the Philips light up alarm clock will be nice and dim while sleeping also a convenient nightstand light lamp, yet you can still reading or relaxing at night.

  • A alarm light will be slowly fades to darkness is responsive dimming feature to guides you to restful sleep.

At night, put the dusk simulation feature on the lowest light setting on the Philips Dawn Simulator Light offers relaxing dimming, sunset-simulating light slowly fades to darkness that helps guide you fall asleep.

When your bedroom in the middle of the night, the display automatically still plenty of brightness levels to a soft level, or whatever

  • Convenient Controls and Easy-to-Use “Tap to Snooze”

After your alarm goes off, you can activate the wake up lamp’s smart snooze anywhere on the light by touching is ingenious.

The durable Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is nice designed with solid heft, non-skid bottom and non-slip rubber feet for keeping it securely on your nightstand.

  • The Philips sunlight alarm clock is scientifically proven to work.

>>> Philips Sunrise Alarm ClockHF3520 Wake-Up Light Colored Sunrise Simulation <<<

Philips has done a lot of clinical research in order to make the Wake-up Light is the best possible product not just only wakes you more naturally and energized, but it also improves your mood in the morning.

This research by independent science facilities to prove the effects of the wake-up light on the overall waking up experience.

Clinically proven image.


HF3520 Philips Natural Light Alarm Clock, White Philips Wake Up Lights Dawn Simulator

Philips Light Therapy Wake-Up Light HF3520, White feature

Philips Wake Up Lights Dawn Simulator

Light Therapy for Sleep Rise & Shine Alarm Clock and Sleep Lamp

Rise & Shine Verilux Light Box Alarm Clock Sleep Lights System
Light Therapy for Sleep

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Light Therapy for Sleep
Light Therapy for Sleep

The Rise & Shine Wake Up Lights Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock Sleep Light Therapy for Sleep.

Rise & Shine Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Sleep Lights System

The Rise & Shine Alarm Clock Light Box Therapy for Sleep System Wake Up and Color Changing Light to fall asleep and wake you gradually and find serenity any time of day.

The Sunrise Light Lamp have the best both of a FM radio alarm clock and wake-up light with also a color-changing serenity light too.

Light Therapy for Sleep.

Programmable light: dims/brightens of 15 levels use for sleeping and use for waking serenity light waves through 250 colors with wake up to FM radio dual alarm clock, alarm with beeps by programmable sound machine plays your choice of 5 sounds, present technology light simulates the rising sun to wake you up gently as nature intended.

Find serenity anytime of day by Sleep mode feature slowly decreases lamp’s intensity to aid in falling asleep peacefully.

Rise & Shine Dawn Simulator Alarm Light Clock Sleep System feature

In the morning, “sunlight” gradually get brighter, dawn simulator brightens slowly to wake you up in the time leading up to the alarm by your choice of five nature sounds or FM radio, to make it easier or more pleasant to getting up in the mornings.

Synchronized sleep for sleep more soundly and wake programs for wake more refreshed can  help your body with cues to fall asleep and also help you awake refreshed with reduced grogginess.

Alarm clock option lets you wake to gentle beep for ensures you get up on time, option complete with tap snooze button!

However you select to wake with the light features dual-settings that two wake-up times can be set.

Light Therapy for Sleep Plus, place it easily fits neatly on any bedside table.

The serenity light therapy program gradually waves through 250 different colors of light up the entire room, light creating a serene and peaceful environment for you to relax with impression sunlight is coming in, it combine with the soothing melodies of the sound system machine to complete the experience.

Wake up with the “sunrise” in the mornings and feel relaxed any time of day by Rise & Shine Sunrise Alarm Clock Sleep System Light Therapy for Sleep.

Rise & Shine Light Up Alarm Clock Sleep System

Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock Hf3480 Wake-Up Light

Philips Wake Up Light HF3480 Clock

Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock

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Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock
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Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock

Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock review The Philips HF3480 Wake-up Light

HF3480 Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

The Philips HF3480 Light Alarm Clock introducing the new Philips Alarm Light deliver a more pleasant and wonderful way to wake-up in the morning.

Smooth light gradually increasing the light therapy for 30 minutes that simulates the sun rising prior before your wake up time to slowly prepare your body to wake up easily and feeling more energetic at the start of your day.

A lot of options with FM radio and 4 nature sounds make a difference in waking up will be a pleasant experience.

For the feature setting includes a light that can be adjusted to 20 different brightness settings however you like, making the product suitable to use as a bedside lamp in any bedroom with turn the light on and off manually.

Combination alarm clock and light is a DAWN and DUSK simulator, set the dusk simulator to drift you to sleep by gradual dimming the light and sound to mimic sundown or dusk at the end of your day by Philips Light Therapy Wake-up Light, Philips Light Clock.

Philips Light Box Wake Up Alarm Clock

Philips HF3480 Wake-up Light feature