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Verilux Happy Light Reviews Sunshine Simulator

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Verilux Happy Light For Winter Depression Sunshine Simulator

Sunshine Simulator

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Sunshine Simulator

Sunshine Simulator Sunlight Lamp for Sad

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Happy Light Verilux Sunshine Simulator

The Verilux Happylight Daylight Lamp Sad Sunshine Simulator Beat the Winter Depression with the Happylight Energy Lamp.

Depression can occur in cold and dark periods of the year and even in southern climates. As many as one in seven American people suffer from Winter Blues so believed to be caused by a lack of light is a causative factor.

SAD symptoms are not only Winter Blues, can affect mood, energy and subtle changes in eating and sleeping, appetite and more.

Light therapy represents a way to be an effective without artificial stimulants or drugs, chemical-free approach to addressing the Winter Blues symptoms.

The Verilux Happylight Energy Lamp for depression provides the most studied and proven form of light therapy.

The Verilux Light Therapy’s balanced Natural Spectrum light gently helps to  operates on the body recalibrate and stabilize, reducing fatigue and lethargy, increasing latitude, concentration and productivity.

With 10,000 LUX of Verilux Natural Spectrum Daylight, the Sunlight Therapy can also help address jet lag and difficulties body’s natural sleep patterns and waking due to shift work when seasonal time changes.

With Flicker Elimination Technology of glare-free light and no-buzz operation, you’ll also enjoy quiet illumination without eyestrain and fatigue.

Portable Daylight Light Box, a table stand or space-saving wall mount option make it convenient to use for home, office or exercise room.

Verilux HappyLight Deluxe Sunshine Simulator Daylight Lamps Sad

Verilux Happy Light Depression Sunlight Sunshine Simulator


Sunshine Simulator 10000Lux Daylight Therapy


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