Light for Winter Depression SADelite 10000 LUX Full Spectrum Sad Light Therapy Desk Lamp Beige

Sadelite 10,000Lux Full Spectrum of Light Therapy Desk Lamp SAD, Beige

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Sadelite 10,000Lux Full Spectrum of Light Theraphy Desk Lamp SAD, Beige


Light for Winter Depression

Light for Winter Depression

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Light for Winter Depression

Best Sad Light Sadelite 10000 Lux Full Spectrum of Light Boxes for Sad reviews product description of The Sadelite Light Boxes for Sad delivers bright light by combining a large high-performance parabolic reflector with a high-output fluorescent tubes.

Sad Lamps Do They Work.

Fluorescence based light therapy mimics the sun light very well in 10000Lux, yet this results in a highly efficient unit that draws only 85 watts.

The power in our lamp unit is channelled into light, not heat.

Easy to use with fully adjust the lamp height and angle at allow you to obtain maximum comfort experience while discreet use the Daylight Desk Lamp.

Additionally, our large reflector of light provides diffuse wonderfully bright light without losing intensity rapidly while you move away from the sad lamp.

The Desk Lamp is clinician recommended for seasonal affective disorder treatment but may also be used at the office or home, as a reading light or for any work that requires bright lighting.

Provides effectiveness light therapy treatment in as small as 20 to 30 minutes each day upon awakening with Light for Winter Depression.

Sadelite 10,000Lux Light Therapy Full Spectrum Desk Lamp SAD Treatment, Beige

Light for Winter Depression

Sadelite SAD Desk Lamp 10,000 Lux Full Spectrum of Light Therapy, Beige feature

Best Sad Light for Winter Depression.


Light for Winter Depression


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