Choosing Light Boxes for SAD

Best Light Therapy Products for SAD.

Light therapy lamps and light boxes for sad relieve the distress caused by SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, also is known as winter depression or winter blues, a form of depression common during dark and the winter months, a patient notices feelings of sadness or may recognize feeling more sad and depression due to the changing seasons. Light boxes therapy is the most way treatment for SAD while using an LED light has shown positive results, according to the Mayo Clinic. Today are a wide array of products to relieve the dark season or damp days of winter for those who afflicted with this disorder.


Buying Guide a Light Boxes for SAD.

Consult your doctor, may have a recommendation like as what to look for when purchase an LED light that works great to treat SAD, then follow your doctor’s recommendation, but if you are not sure which light box or lamp you’d like to get, including you do not need to get a LED light of prescription for treat seasonal affective disorder, however the doctor should recommend how to use of the light to treat SAD make the most effective.


What to Look for a Light Boxes or Lamp.

New Sad light therapy boxes with better results contain LED bulbs with focus light better that provide better results than standard florescent bulbs. Check for newer models with LED, light-emitting diode bulbs when researching light therapy products. Then check information about the light intensity, or Lux of a light box. Regular indoor lighting requires normally no more than 500 Lux, while the best light therapy product uses a light dosage of 10,000 Lux to counteract SAD.

Check at the way the light therapy products emit rays, the light boxes or lamps filter out UV (ultra-violet) rays and full spectrum light therapy boxes mimic natural sun and emit UV rays as natural sunlight. If you select a full spectrum lamp, please make sure it has a diffuser screen to block UV rays. Broad spectrum light lamps filter out the harmful UV rays and emit a bright white light, this type of light use with the most light therapy products. Doctors should consider the type of broad spectrum or white light therapy, as the safest light source to treat since they are completely void of harmful UV rays.

Purchase a LED light box over local department store. LED lights boxes for sad are designed to be safe and effective specifically to treat seasonal affective disorder are available at Walgreens, Target, and other department stores or drugstores. You can try out the lights, at some stores, to see if you like the settings with enjoy the feeling of the light on your face.

Purchase a LED sad light from an internet retailer. Many internet stores as Amazon or eBay, carry a larger variety of lights, come in different shapes and sizes and have varied features including pocket lights, portable lights and lights that suit the your home’s decor. Amazon carries a large variety of LED light boxes from a variety of different manufacturing companies, including Philips, Uplift Technologies, Verilux and more.

Use your LED lights regularly to combat seasonal affective disorder. Although the doctor may have specific instructions, most people use their LED light lamps for a minimum of 30 minutes to one hour every morning by shining the light at their face with upper body, but the light should not shine directly into the eyes. Use the light boxes every day for best results.


Understanding Light Therapy Box Features.

If you prefer a gradual light approach, dawn simulators slowly emit the light in your room before you wake up in the morning. It available as nightstand alarm clocks and an attachment for overhead lights, dawn simulation light therapy like as Philips Wake Up Light, works well while the user asleep and then mimics light from a gradual sunrise. Some features of dawn simulator light boxes allows you control the amount of lighting, whilst other models provide only one setting. When using fluorescent light with a diffusion filter or a white light boxes in the morning for the best results with adjust point at a downward angle to improve lighting.

If you need to move a light lamp between rooms, select a adjustable floor stand light boxes or compact designed. Some brands plus toxin-cleansing negative ion therapy to their light boxes as the Sun Touch Plus Lamp and Ionizer delivers negative ions similar to those found on beaches or lakefronts, while portable sad light boxes like as the LItebook Elite, Compact Philips or Lightphoria can be used in the office or the bedroom and it easy to take with you when you travel.

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